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Design for Who You Want?

The idea of designing for who you want to versus designing who you feel morally (or whatever) obligated to design for keeps popping into my brain.  This is probably a corruption of a topic that keeps coming up in class: should someone design what they want to, or should they feel like they are obligated somehow to design for the "masses" and "bring fashion to the fashion-less" or whatever?

I say design for whomever the hell you want to.

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Tinkering with the Design Philosophy

Recurring themes:

order - soothing - tailored
practicality - end use
making things

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Oh, How I “Love” Celebrity

And now, it's time for some disgruntled and frustrated ranting.

Mostly uninformed people who have blogs are kind of in the same pile as actors and singers who think they're star fashion designers.  That's my ragingly cynical opinion.

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The Relentless Proliferation of Blogs

Nowadays, it seems everyone has a blog.  It's impossible to pick even one subject that interests you and read all the stellar blogs on that subject, much less the mediocre or crappy ones.  There's just so many blogs out there.  The internet makes it so that anyone who wants to slap his opinion up on a wall can do so, and hope that someone out there actually pays attention to it.

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Weirdos, Part 2

OK, now I'm going to go a little wider and talk about why people do the "weird" stuff.  It's not just re-enactors; you've got piles of people doing sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and whatever else costuming.

I'm not totally sure why people do the so-called "weird" stuff.  I'm personally in the minority in that I enjoy making costumes more than wearing them, which is why it makes sense for me to try and make a career of it, so I can satisfy my obsessions by getting people to pay me to make them costumes.

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I find it hard not to be offended by the "Weirdos" reading we got in class today.  I find it amusing that I feel this strongly about it.  But, I also find it a little surprising that an author would talk about a social group in such a blatantly negative and almost mocking way.

(ed. note: This refers to the chapter "Weirdos" in Uniforms: Why We Are What We Wear by Paul Fussell.)

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Identity in Clothing

Another topic for discussion is, of course, identity in clothing.

This is perhaps the most important reason to wear clothing.  Well, maybe the most important is really protection from the elements, but maybe not.  It's close.  Regardless, the link between a person's clothing and their perceived or actual identity is incredibly strong.

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Space Cadets

Shuttle launch at 1:14 AM Monday morning.  It was amazing.  Always is, but is way cooler to see at night.  WAY cooler, damn.  It's sad that that was the last nighttime launch ever.

It's sad to see the shuttle program drawing to a close, but I guess everyone realized it would eventually come to an end.

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How do we educate the "fashion-less"?

This question also came up in class and it's an interesting one...not so much for the answer to the question itself, but for the other questions it brings up.

What exactly constitutes the fashion-less?  Is there even such a thing?

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Fashion vs. Culture

Part of today's classroom discussion focused on the relationship between fashion and culture - i.e. is fashion culture, does culture influence fashion?

The example was brought up that in some European countries (Spain was specifically mentioned), people dress much more nicely, even to do things like go to the grocery store.  In contrast, many Americans have a much more casual mindset to fashion, even going so far as to roll out of bed and head to the grocery store in their slept-in pajamas.

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