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Design for Who You Want?

The idea of designing for who you want to versus designing who you feel morally (or whatever) obligated to design for keeps popping into my brain.  This is probably a corruption of a topic that keeps coming up in class: should someone design what they want to, or should they feel like they are obligated somehow to design for the "masses" and "bring fashion to the fashion-less" or whatever?

I say design for whomever the hell you want to.


One must also be practical about it.  Take a step back and do a reality check.  Make sure your target market is large enough to sustain you.  If you want to design custom-made evening gowns for rich socialites (which seems to be popular among students just entering fashion school)...well, that's a tiny market and you may find yourself out of work in a couple years.  After all, haute couture is dying a slow but inevitable death as the pool of insanely rich ladies dries up and stops buying $20,000 dresses.  On the other end of the spectrum, designing for the Walmart crowd means that your target market is muuuuch larger.  You may find it a little uninspiring though.

But...a truly good designer can be inspired by anything, and see solutions to challenges that present themselves at all corners of the target market and price range spectrums.

And if not, the prospect of hunger and homelessness can be a very strong motivator.  That's why we all get paid money to do work-- it's a good bribe to get us to do work that we don't want to do.  Otherwise, we'd all work for free.

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