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futurism-- what's next?  Fashion is ephemeral and always changing.  Lagerfeld is addicted to change.

On the one hand this is frustrating-- everything always changing, never able to sit back and rest for even a moment because things are always up in the air and always changing.  On the other hand it's exciting-- change is good and can be stimulating.

"It doesn't always matter what you do because everything changes in 6 months anyway."  <-- so true!  gives me hope!

Lagerfeld has a messy workspace-- clean workspaces look weird, like nothing ever happens there.  He likes to use white out to make satin and uses pastels that can mimic oil paint (but don't take weeks to dry!)

I find myself doing something similar with the workspace-- when I'm working, everything is just thrown all over the place.  I'm thinking and doing too fast to clean up or put things back-- doing that disrupts my work flow.  But, when I'm at a stopping place for the day or finish the project, I have to clean up and put everything away otherwise the mess will drive me nuts.

Lagerfeld has no training but says he is a very hard worker (but not reliable, haha!), but that hard workers must still appear casual.  Makes sense I think.

I wonder if it is easier or harder to make it with no training nowadays.  It seems like you must have training and the name of a good school attached to your own name in order to make it-- at least that's what the regular people have to do.  There will always be the rockstars in any profession that will rise to the top purely on hard work, but just like winning the lottery, that can't be relied on as a viable road to success.  It's great if it happens, but I wouldn't rely on it.

"Fashion is ephemeral, dangerous, and unfair."

Social injustice-- people's stuff isn't going to be appreciated or catch on because it's the best stuff out there-- sometimes it is who you know that gets you noticed.  Kind of true in most every field, but maybe it's more evident in fashion.

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