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Random Research Notes/Nuggets for Thought

“There will, however, never be a human world without fantasy, which expresses the unconscious unfillable.”

“Attire that reflects the “I” may also be worn in response to a special place, situation, or event.”

pre-disco: whatever one wore during the day was appropriate for going out at night

disco- places for dancing where reality was suspended, where “fantasy had a chance to thrive”, where rules of everyday design were thrown out

“people could indulge in wearing any clothes they wished to the disco”

attire chosen by personal imagination and dreams

highly visual environment – clothing integral

“looking ‘good’ means looking different to others”

“testing out possibilities of self in a manner which recognizes non-fulfilment”
(what does that mean?)

“fashion, clothing and textiles are associated with triviality and deceit”

“one kind of person uses clothes to appear as another, less threatening kind of person”

“fashion and clothing may be used to mislead, to make people respond in ways that they would not or should not”

“goods are neutral, their uses are social, they can be used as fences or bridges”

“considered as bridges, items of fashion and clothing enable members of a group to share their common identity”

form bridges with other members of the group but fences btw his group and other groups

“masquerade has a critical function in that it draws attention to the constructed nature of identity”

“constructive aspect of masquerade as a technology of identity by means of which the body’s covering can conceal and reveal identity and create a space from where one can play out desires and fears”

“A person may be evaluated as basically good or bad on the basis of appearance.”

“Are such opportunities healthy, in terms of providing some means for “escaping” from mundane daily routines, as well as for expression of creativity?”

“fashion per se acts as a vehicle for fantasy and, that through fantasy, the ‘unconscious unfillable’ is expressed.”

Or my favorite expression, from way back in high school (who knew we were so advanced in our thinking as stupid little teenagers): “It’s not overactive imagination, it’s underactive reality.”

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