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Social Aspects of Costuming

It astounds me how much writing there is about the social aspects of fashion, yet there is virtually nothing about the social aspects of costuming, particularly convention costuming.  Some authors address costuming in terms of fetish or whatever, but I’m not interested in that.  What about the reasons behind people traipsing about convention hotels as Superman, people getting laced up into tight bodices to spend a day at the Renaissance Faire, or people crafting elaborate personas to take part in the SCA?

Is it because these all come from subcultures that are pretty insular and unconcerned with the “mundane” world?  It could make an extremely fascinating study, I think.

One day, when I have nothing left to do in the world, I’ll sit down and write a book chronicling the history of conventions and/or convention costuming in the US.  Nope, not a ridiculously huge undertaking at all.

This means that I should get to interviewing people before more of them start dying off.  Or that I should get involved (or re-involved) with related groups so I can get some more firsthand knowledge and experience.

(...in all this spare time I'm doing absolutely nothing with, oi.)

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