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Wasn’t surprised by the winners in “Seamless”.  The thing is as much about recognizing up and coming businessmen as it is about recognizing up and coming designers.

Some classmates thought someone like Doo-Ri would win, I guess for the pity thing since her parents’ business caught on fire, or because she was the neediest of the designers (in my opinion) since she was working out of her parents’ shop and had no employees.  But, working by yourself can be a sign that you’re a control freak and you would have trouble letting go of some or all of the aspects of the business as your company grows.

In contrast, the dudes behind Proenza Schouler demonstrated clear business aptitude, even if they were kinda struggling with how to grow their business because they hadn’t been taught that in school.  But, it was clear that they wanted to grow the business, they just didn’t know how, so a little mentoring/guidance and a cash infusion was definitely something they could benefit from.

Still, interesting to see how many of these designers’ names I recognize.  It comes from reading through old issues of Collections, but hey, all these dudes are enjoying some level of success, or were for a while.  Not sure if some of them have gone under by now though.

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