Katrina Andrews Apparel and Costume Designer


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A Note About Costume Commissions

I am no longer doing full costume commissions. Custom work on such a level is extremely time- and labor-intensive. To make it a sustainable endeavor on my end almost certainly means that the cost is well above what most convention-goers would want to pay for an outfit they may only wear once or twice in their life.


Find Me Elsewhere on the Internet

Here's a list of a few other places where you can track me down online:

American Cosplay Paradise
ACP is a site for American cosplayers to showcase their work and network with other cosplayers and photographers. I try to maintain a list of some of the more involved costumes I've made over the years, although it's not as updated as it perhaps should be.

Cosplay Lab
Cosplay Lab is a site for cosplayers to list their completed and in-progress costumes, and plan skits and photoshoots. My costume list is more updated here than it is on ACP, and includes a much more comprehensive list of the commissioned costumes I've made over the years. I was Cosplay Lab's featured cosplayer for June 2003.

Much of what I list here is an attempt at getting rid of collectibles I no longer have space to display, or costumes I no longer wear.

I have a small collection of vintage apparel and accessories, but no space to store it, so I am slowly trying to get rid of it here.

Come network with me!

I recently started a Tumblr blog as a place to post photos, quotes, and other snippets of design inspiration.